Some things you’re just born with and others you have to learn. For example, for some people, math comes easy yet others struggle. But what about something a little less tangible like entrepreneurship? Can you teach someone to be entrepreneurial or is it one of those things that either you’ve got it or you don’t?

According to Chris Hanks, executive director of the Robin and Doug Shore Entrepreneurship Center at Kennesaw State University, entrepreneurship can be taught  but the key is to engage students in activities in and out of the classroom that “challenge the way they think.”

Hanks’ course, “The Entrepreneurial Mind,” works to “reinforce certain beliefs and values of an entrepreneur.”

So, could anyone have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Developing the “entrepreneurial mindset” comes easier to some people than others, according to Hanks.

Hanks’ course is one of the first students take as part of the new undergraduate degree in entrepreneurship at the Coles College of Business. Along with Kennesaw State’s new B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship program, the first of its kind in Georgia, the Coles College also offers an entrepreneurship minor to non-business majors. The minor can be a good fit, for example, for a dance major who wants to run a dance studio or a computer science student who has an idea for a mobile app or other computer application.

“We’re being very aggressive about this type of teaching and this type of experience,” Hanks said.